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The mission of Everybody Beautiful is to empower and provide women with hope and support who are overcoming abuse, addiction and other unfortunate circumstances.

Empowering Women to Regain Dignity After Trauma

Many women in our communities are overcoming abuse, addiction, disease, and other unfortunate circumstances. Women who have experienced trauma suffer from a lack of confidence, lack of empowerment, and unseen damage to their physical and emotional health. To combat these issues and empower women to regain their dignity after all levels of trauma, we are supporting Everybody Beautiful. With support from people like you, Everybody Beautiful reignites hope by providing a wide range of resources to transform their lives through the promotion of self-confidence, health, and beauty from the inside out

Founded in 2018, Everybody Beautiful is a rapidly emerging non-profit established to help women overcome abuse, addiction, disease, and other unfortunate circumstances. Funded primarily through an apparel line branded Project Everybody Beautiful (#PEB), private donations, and fund-raising, Everybody Beautiful is built on a foundation of people helping people. Everybody Beautiful transforms lives through the promotion of self-confidence, health, and beauty from the inside out.


Everybody Beautiful started a movement for me. A movement where I can actually look up from the ground & look people in the eye when passing them on the street or in the grocery store. My situation is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by & EB showed me that. The response & love I received from teaming up with Kristin & her non-profit and sharing by story has enabled me to start a new adventure where I talk about being an amputee parent & person living in our community. I talk about it in Facebook posts & at schools & at group functions. And this has caused me to be so proud of the person I’ve become. And that’s all thanks to PEB for sparking that flame. I can honestly say that I’m the exact person I thought I would be at 28 when I was dreaming of my future at 18. (Minus a leg of course). 5 years ago I didn’t think that was going to be possible. Was the road perfectly paved & smooth? Of course not. But it was through this non-profit did I realize we all have scars, mine are a little more visible than other. Some painful & others worth every moment it took to get them, but all of them are beautiful in their own way. So thank you Everybody Beautiful! You are changing more lives than you will ever know!

The apparel line, Project Everybody Beautiful is currently the fund provider for Everybody Beautiful.

In the last 2 years, Everybody Beautiful has been giving back locally by providing funds and services to a recovery home, a recovery support group, and a domestic violence shelter - along with gift cards for haircuts to children and families transforming their lives, boosting confidence and fitness memberships to help establish healthy living routines.

Every donation makes a difference. A woman is empowered and her legacy lives because of your support and love. Let's give hope and change the world together.

Everybody Beautiful is a 501c3 non profit established in 2018 by Kristin Rutledge.

Thanks to our funding partner 100% of every dollar raised goes to the women we are helping!

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